Tuesday, 17 May 2011

5 Ways To Resist Bacon

So you are on a diet, or you like to control what you eat, or you just want to eat healthy but ofcourse someone in your family will want to eat that THING, but you have to stay loyal to your goal!!! Here  are 5 Ways to Resist Bacon:

1. Leave the room.
2. Put loud music and dance around like there is no tomorrow. (Plus you will burn some calories for sure!)
3. Get up, take a couple of deep breathes and calm yourself, then get your acting skills out and start shouting to the person that you you hate them because they dont understand you, etc!!
4. Ask them to cook bacon when you are not around.
5. Every time you see bacon in the fridge you can leave a post it saying 'Please dont buy bacon again'. If that dosent work then the next time throw it at their face shouting at them again that they dont understand you and explain to them that it will be better for them too not to eat bacon!!!

At some poiont  they will understand and help you with your goal or you eating patterns, and if you convince them to follow you at this journey then everyone will be happier and healthier!!

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Dedicated to Georgia for giving me the idea of this blog!!!

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  1. PORK FAT RULES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!