Sunday, 14 August 2011

Music Day

So at every Music Day i will get a song and find every version out there and present it to you.
Today we start from I am the walrus by The Beatles.

The Beatles Original Version

Lets get started!!!

Oasis Version : Not bad at all, pretty good right? I kinda like it. What do you think?

Bono's Version : I like that movie (Across the Universe A must watch), I like the version it is good.

Jim Carrey's Version : I love Jim Carrey and I LOVE this version, Its Awesome.

Frank Zappa's Version : I like this one too, Its good.

Gray Matter's Version : Not my piece of cake.

Lol Coxhill's Version : Abit different but I like it.

Leo Sayer's version : I like this one too.

Ok, I think i heard enough versions of one song for today!!! Do you know any other vesrion of this beatles song? If so, comment down below and tell me what you think...

(if you go oveer the title of the version there are links to the songs on youtube)


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  2. Beatles Original Version
    - dislike the Beatles
    - much better version than the Beatles
    - you could have left him out of this!!! He sucks LOL
    Jim Carey
    - is Jim Carey.. hard to take him serious
    Gray Matter
    - Leave the green day sound to Green Day
    - not even..
    Leo Sayer
    - I thought this would be much better...

    I dont like the song, to begin with, and MOST of the Beatles tunes I like are usually covers by other bands... But for the purpose of playing along...

    I will select Frank Zappa, mainly because he is an innovator had some horn etc... My opinion... :)

    Have a great day E!!!!! <3