Monday, 8 August 2011

My Favourite Actors

1.Johnny Depp. How couldnt Johnny be on the top of this list? I wont even sttart talking about Johnny, I will  never finish!!! And here is a picture for us girls!!!

2.Colin Firth. Oh Colin... Ofcoourse Mark Darcy was Bridget Jone's true love. And lets not talk about his perfomance  at The King's Speech, right? It was the first year i actually was anxious about the Oscars... Oh and talking about Oscars, Am i the only person that believes Johnny deserves an Oscar? Huh? Anyhow...

3.Robin Williams. How can you not loveRobin. All of his films are amazing but the one I LOVE and is not one of hismost famous is What Dreams May Come, you have to check it out. You seriously have to watch his inside the actors studio interview, its pure comedy. 

4.Hugh Laurie.I remember Hugh from the movie with the little mouse!!! But drHouse... *no comment*.

5.His name is Tom, Tom Hanks!!! Haha Get it? 

Who is your favourite actor??
I would love to know...

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