Friday, 2 December 2011

November Glossybox + Mini Review

It might be December 2nd today but I recieved my Glossybox this mornning! The delay was due to a address problem but anyway Glossybox send me my box. Ofcourse I knew what everyone had got so I couldnt wait and  see what it was in my box.

I was so excited that I opened it at the stairs I didnt even sit down!

So here is a picture of all of the products I had in my box.

So the products one by one...


01 ARBONNE FC5 Cooling Foot creme. i tried this earlier and it really smoothes my rough feet! It also has a minty smell which reminds me of my aunt Karens house!! I recommed this product to me mum because she always is on the haunt for a good foot creme!

02 DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK Gentle Cleansing Fasial Wash. I havent tried this yet but I will and let you know what I think about it. I would love to try the bath salt the gave to some people but oh well.

03 ILLAMASQUA Freak Eau De Parfum.

04 NAIL ROCK Designer nail wraps I am super excited about this and I want to wear them but i cant find my nail polish remover (need to visit boots!)

I got the black and white stripes which is cool but I would love the Black lace on Red or White dots on Black!

05 PHILIP KINGSLEY Elasticizer. It basicly is a pre shampoo treatment for the hair. I have never heard something like that before.

This is the card that tthey give you!

...and here are two pictures of me. I wanted to put together an outfit but I couldnt be bothered today! So I just took a couple face shots for you! (you know you love them tehe!)

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  1. Have you seen the "crackle" nail polish they have out now? Just wondered if you'd ever tried it?

  2. Hello anonymous! I have heard about it but I have never used it. I dont know if i would like it since I do like the polished look when I use nail polish!!!