Friday, 2 December 2011

Pete Doherty Brixton Jamm 26/11

Last saturday Alex and me (and a friend of alex's) went to a gig. Obviously Petes gig! We went at the second one and it was Epic! Pete perfomed amazingly. It was Brilliant he even stage dived! My shirt is still dirty from the guinness he gave to the crowd and half of it went to my shirt  (hopefully it will come off!!) Anyway. I took some pictures and I did abit of photoshop tonight. I hope you like them.

 *Pete and his guitar
                       *Wolfman and pete.

 *Pete and wolfman

 *Pete and his guitar

There are tones of videos of that gig (earlu and late) but here are some.
New song. Siberian Fur
Time for heroes (stage dive bit!)
You can fine more on youtube!

Its still so exciting while watching the videos!
Were you there? How did you enjoy it!
Remember to comment and foolow if you like!


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  1. great pics elizabeth comment by george