Thursday, 19 January 2012

11 Memories Of 2011

Hello all,

So i have been thinking of 2011. It was a good year. Alot of things happen.Good and Bad. Obviously I do not want to write about bad or sad things that happen during 2011. But I will write about 11 memories I have from 2011. I have tons of memories of the past year but I will narrow them down to 11.

So here we go!

January 2011

1. I had new years in London...

...watching the fireworks and it was a great experience that I  will never forget!
London fireworks 2011 (link)

2.I had an audition... a drama school in London which was an amazing experience but I did not get accepted. I haven't got bad feelings about it. I loved the whole prosses and it helped me realise alot of things!

3. I met... wonderful friend and dietitian Georgia!

March-April 2011

4.Alex ...

...came For Easter and left.

May 2011


... 10 kilos (1 st 6 pounds / 22 pounds) since January.

June-July-August 2011


... came along and I cannot narrow down a few memories of the past summer because summer is my favourite period and you  do so many things during summer. 
But it was a good summer!

September 2011


...across Europe from Greece to England.


... to my first Pete Doherty Gig in London and met Pete Doherty!!!!!!

This was one the COOLEST things of 2011!! Ugh the memories! The gig was awesome.

9. The new people I met at petes gig!

 *Waves to everyone*

November 2011

10. The second Pete gig we went ...

...which was magical. Wolfman joined him on stage and it was brilliant!
Also something awesome happen that night. The band Krakatoa were supporting pete and they are So good. *biggest fan* You can find them at their facebook page! Also we went to their new years gig which was also awesome!

Pete and Wolfman

December 2011

11. and last but not least Trip to Paris.

Paris was really nice. I think if i didnt love England so much I would like to live there! Crepes and hot chocolates were some of the highlights!

Ofcourse these are not all of my favourite moments of 2011. 2011 was a year full of emotion and memorable moments such us long walks, shopping!, gigs, meeting new people, more Krakatoa gigs!, songs, singings, dancing, drinking, eating, swimming and other exciting things! Also being a university student was a big part of 2011. You have to love the Open University!

I feel 2012 will be a good year! 

Happy New Year



  1. πολύ γλυκό!!!!!

  2. πολύ γλυκόοοοο λέω!!!!!! "Β" :)