Monday, 20 February 2012

D.I.Y.Studded bag

Hello there,

Today I will share with you all the recent D.I.Y. i did recently. I have this bag for atleast 6 years and when I bought it, it had some beads and stuff but 3 years ago I got fed up with those and took them off, then I put some pins on and I loved it. But after a while i got bored of it aswell. So I decided to change it! I went on ebay and bought 100 studs for less than 2  pounds.

So this is the bag when I started...

And this is how it ended...

I love it, what do you think? I still have some studs left so I will use them for something else!

Have you done any D.I.Y'S recently? I would love to see them!
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