Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My latest obsessions

Andrew Scott
Some people may recognise him as Jim Moriarty at the BBC show Sherlock. His acting skills are out of this world and I'm just obsessed! I also love to watch fan videos on Youtube of the series. I also hope they will bring him back some how for season 3.

Biological Psychology
This is the latest module I am doing for uni and let me tell you. We have this love/hate relationship.I am thinking about it when I am studying it or not!

My studded bag
I love it. It fits so many stuff which is crazy!

Carl Barat
Well, he is not a latest obsession but I am obsessed with the picture I took with his last Saturday! HELL YEAH!

The Vex
Well I am obsessed with one of the songs they have which is called The Law Of Cause and Effect . You can have a listen over at the facebook page: The Vex Facebook Page.

So yeah that is my list of things I have been obsessing over! haha!!

Comment down below and tell me what you have been loving lately.

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