Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hair Care

My hair is quite oily so after hearing loads of good reviews about Lushes I love juicy hair shampoo I decided to get one and try it. Let me just tell you  I adore it! It leaves my hair as it is supposed to be. Squeeky clean! It also keeps my hair un-oily for a couple of days.


Last week I dyed the ends of my hair Blonde. The colour isn't blonde but it is what I wanted. So it needs to be moisturised!

And to achieve moisturised ends I used the following products.  

The first product I use in the shower is this davies moisturising balm for hair body and face!
 After I get out of the shower and dry my hair abit with the towel I use these two products in no specific order! NIVEA diamond gloss and Paul Mitchel smoothing.

The end result is clean hair, with soft ends!

 What is your hair care routine?


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