Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Beauty box swap~with Artemi aka BeautywithArtemi

Hello my dear readers,

Back in august I received the box Artemis send me from . You can check out what I bought for her HERE.

As you can see all of the products are from essence.

I ABSOLUTELY adore the blush. It is a shimmery peachy colour and it is simply perfect!

Next the nail polish from the Rebels collection. It also a nice soft peach colour which I do like very much.

I am not so sure about the lip gloss just because I am more of a lipstick girl my self. But if one night I want to do a strong eye I will definitely use that lip gloss.

The foundation is good. Not something oh so very special but I do like it! But I should use it more so i can have a better opinion for it!

The lip liner, to be honest I haven't used it yet just because I thought it would be appropriate for winter which is perfect for now. I will wear it and let you know about that.

Last but not least is the blue vibrant colour nail polish. I do love the colour but I haven't used it because I was pre-occupied by painting my nails with the peach one!

Let me know if you would want me to do an extended review for one of these products!

It was great fun going out and buying all the products I bought for Artemi!

Dont forget to check her blog out!

Hope you have a nice day!



  1. I would love to see a full review for the foundation. I'm currently using the Stay Natural foundation from Essence and I want to try the one you bought.