Wednesday, 24 October 2012

10 Products I would re-purchase

Hello! Here we goooo...
Elf eyelid primer: Does the job well.
Elf clear eyebrow gel: This one is my second one so I obviously do enjoy it.
Elf makeup set mist: I do enjoy using it and I would repurchase it.
Sephora smoothing primer: Now dont be fooled by its looks. This is my creation I had a tiny bit left of the primer so i decided since it had a pump to mix it up with my mac foundation. I adore this primer ( even though it was 10 euros) but it does last a long time.
Natural collection eyeshadow: Any eyeshadow from natural collection I like but i adore this one in butterscotch!
Faber-Castell Trio Sharpener: I first bought the silver one ages ago and I love it. Then it broke in half so a year ago i bought the red one. Now I use the silver one for eyeliner pencils.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect: I do love this mascara and I have repurched it in the past. Read my review HERE

Loreal Telesxopic Carbon Black Masccara: I also love this mascara, it is abit different to the maxfactor one but i like them both. The next mascara I will buy will be euther this os the maxfactor one but the waterproof ones because I have never tried those.

Pilot Pen: At school I loved these pens I had one in every size but I swapped the really thins one with my firend because i prefer the medium ones! The great thing with these is they last you a good time but then you can buy a refill easily online!

Faber-Castell Highlighters: These four come in a set. This set is the second one I bought since the first one was empty a long time ago! I love them they are really good highlighters.

So these are my 10 products I would currently re-purchase. Do comment and let me know your favourite 10 products that you would repurchase, or if you have a blog post for it link me, I really want to know! 


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