Thursday, 4 October 2012

Product review: Leonor Greyl Volumizing shampoo

Hello and welcome to my playroom.

Today I am reviewing this hair shampoo.

It is by Leonor Greyl, it is a volumizing shampoo for thin and limp hair. I have a sample size which is 50ml and I got it at a Joliebox. The full size product is 200ml and it costs 43$. Wow didn't see that coming! The smell is honeysuckle and Calabrian lemon. It honestly smells REALLY nice. I think it is a natural product, which is an added bonus.

I think that this shampoo does exactly what it says. My hair is quite limp and thin so the perfect person to use this shampoo! I believe it does give me abit of volume, it moisturises my hair and it also cleans it! Haha. Second day today and my hair is still very soft and moisturised.

Verdict: I do really like it and will use it till its all out. I would definitely not buy it full size. I ain't gonna pay 43$ for a shampoo! But if you have some spare money and want to try it do! You will like it.

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