Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Hobbit: My thoughts.

I went to the cinema and watched the hobbit today.

First reaction to Elrond's voice: He must be the guy from V for Vendetta. Would recognise that voice anywhere.

I feel cheated because I expected Benedict Cumberbatch in it but no. A fucking shadow and a dragons eye. Which was brilliant by the way.

Andy Serkis was FUCKING brilliant. Gotta love abit of Andy Serkis. Loved the scenes with him in.

It was in 3D so it felt like you were there, but it also was abit wonky at times.

Martin Freeman, gotta love my john.

Pop corn was fine, next time might get nachos.

Loved their feet.

I want a head piece like the elfs had and martins backpack.

I did really enjoy it and I was so angry when it finished. I cannot wait till December to watch part two.


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