Thursday, 14 March 2013

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo ~ First Impression

I was shopping at Waitrose the other day and I remembered that the shampoo I was using had run out, so i passed by the hair shampoo isle and decided to try out this Aussie Shampoo. I did not buy the conditioner even thought they had 2 for 7£. 

I used it today. I have to say I usually wash my hair two times and sometimes with different shampoos, but today i washed it twice with only this shampoo. After the first wash my hair was literally squeaky clean. I quite like it.

I usually blow dry my hair but when my hair is so clean it does not take a really long time to dry, so today i didn't. 

On the bottle it says that it smells really good and your flat mate will ask you what it is, while it does while in the bottle it doesn't really leave an after smell. Which I like when shampoos do.

All in all, my first impression is excellent. I will have to wait and use it more and check if it will built up like other shampoos do.

Have you even used Aussie products? What do you think?


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