Sunday, 26 May 2013

Recent Empties ~ Benefit They're Real ~ Waterproof Makeup Remover

Benefit They're Real. This product needs no introduction. Everyone has heard something about it. I bought this at Christmas from Boots. It is a travel size. I did quite like it. I do not like the price so for that I dont think I will repurchase it! (I did though get the freebie one from the magazine this past month lol) I did like it, it made my lashes longer and alittle fuller without making it too much. Is it my favourite mascara ever?? Not really. But i did enjoy using it.

Now for the boring part. Waterproof Makeup remover. I bought this when I realised I couldnt take off my maxfactor false lash effect waterproof mascara. It does the job quite well, doesnt sting or irritate my eyes. 

That is all from me today.

Have you posted some of your recent empties? Comment down below with your link to it. 


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