Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Outfit of the day: Camden Rocks Festival 2013

Camden Really Rocked this past Saturday and this is what I wore.

Beanie: Stole from Alex
Jacket: Next
Bodysuit: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Tights: Waitrose
Shoes: Dr. Martens
Bag: Claires

Thankfully I wore my dr Martens because we walked so much up and down Camden High Street that i cant even recall how many times.

Makeup wise I did a simple brown/bronze eyelook, I wore a lilac lipstick from Revlon but it had wore off by the time i took the picture.

Always go to The Vex gig.
The Vex gig x2
I briefly saw other bands aswell but the main reason we went to Camden Rocks was ofcourse The vex and as per usual they didnt fail to entertain everyone.


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