Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tea at the Castle.

Ahoy there,

I have been rather busy these past couple of weeks so I did not have time to blog, but I always think about you, and I am trying a few products to review but that takes time so for now I have an outfit post.

Cardigan: Charity Shop 0.99p
Tank Top: Mango (really old)
Skirt: New look (off ebay)
Bag: Charity Shop 0.99p

Since I moved to england I have converted from jeans to high waisted skirts. After I bought the orange one from New Look on sale last September I wear it atleast twice a month (and that is why i am suprised it has not made it in an outfit post!)

Anyway, after I got back from Greece this past easter I decided I need more! lol So i bought this lovely one off ebay.

Let me talk to you about this bag. I bought it from a charity shop for 99p, and it is REAL LEATHER. This must be the find of the century! 

More travels are yet to come this summer and I hope you keep on checking back for more posts!

I would say that this whole outfit was less than 10 pounds worth because the tank top is so old it wouldnt be worth a penny. 

See ya soon!


''Living the champagne life on a water bottle budget!''

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  1. loved your outfit and especially the prices!!! hoho!!!
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