Thursday, 14 November 2013

Saturday night out.

Heeeeeeeey, how you doin? I am very good. Thank you.

Last saturday we went out and I wore clothes! As you do!!! 

This is what I wore:

Leather Jacket: New Look Inspire
Shirt: Barnados
Dress: (Primark via VIPXO)
Shoes: New Look 

 I looooooooooooove this shirt!!!!!!! This dress is sooooooo comfy, I got it from Victoria from VIPXO from her recent blog sale!

Here there is a closer look of my eye makeup. I would like to just point out my eyes! WTF I know look like David Bowie. I quite like this look :P ;)

Now these shoes, These are veery comfy!!! Dont you think they are very spice girly? Not that I reeally care but they just brighten up my soul!!! (Get it soule/sole????? Oh Never mind)

That is all, I hope I see you soon. Do not forget to comment and follow if you do not! Make your self known!!!!


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