Thursday, 21 November 2013

Winter Rant.

Hello there, I am not one to be all negative and I have been putting off this post for a long time but it has started to really annoy me now. 

Actually more than one thing that relate to blogging/makeup rules/LIFE.

As you are aware winter has come upon us.
 (except the other side of the world and if you are there i hate you!!!(not really)) 
So everyone has started wearing warmer clothes, coats, cardigans etc. Which is great. Christmas is coming soon time to be Jolly. 

One of the things that annoy me that all of a sudden the beauty world puts away bright pink/ coral/ fuchsia and  all other fun and ''summery'' lipsticks. WHY? WHY? WHY? 

Do not get me wrong. I love me some dark lipstick. But WHY? WHY? should I limit myself to seasonal lipsticks? What I am trying to say is why do I need to hear all the time. 

Oh i bought this bright lipstick but I am not going to wear it till next June? WHAT? WHAT? UGH. 

So, you, paid money for a lipstick that you will not wear for at least 7 more months? and for what reason because someone has told us that we should not wear the colour lipstick all year round. 

And ofcourse it goes the other way as well. Why cant I wear a dark lipstick in the summer? 


I am going to bloody wear any lipstick I bloody want no matter what season it is.

Now, on a similar subject we have: (drumroll please) Dark eyes and lipstick. 

Why oh Why do I have to wear a nude or pinkish lipstick when I have dark eyes or something like that. 

I am going to have strong lips and strong eyes whenever the heck I want. 

Last but not least.

Bloggers/Vloggers saying sorry about not posting/ lighting/ picture quality/ length of post etc.

OH MY GOD. Shut the f*ck up.

It takes longer for you to say sorry than to actually write tell me about what I came to the post/video about. 

So do whatever you want, blog as often as you want. If someone does not like your lighting (etc) they will leave. And I do understand that they do it because they feel they owe the audience something but if they comment to you complaining just ignore. If it is helpful criticism I understand and take the advice on board. But stop saying i am sorry....

I think that is all I have to write about today. I better go now and put some bright lipstick on with strong eyes!!! 

So do you agree with anything I talked about today or am I a stroppy little b*tch? Do let me know.


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