Sunday, 1 December 2013

Cozy winter.

Fluffy Cardigan: Inspire New Look
Shirt: Barnados
Skirt: Primark 
Tights: Waitrose/John Lewis Woman
Lipstick: Rimmer 10 Kate Moss

Ahoy there my lovelies, how are you? I hope you are having a very good time. The skirt i have been hunting after I bought a similar in black from H&M and I couldnt find a large in burgundy, but the other day I went into Primark and I found it in Burgundy wooooo. I was skeptical about the fit because the H&M feels like it would cover more but they are exactly the same and if you cannot find them in H&M pop into a primakr and I hope you will not be dissapointed!!

I paired it with this shirt because I like the difference the green has with the burgundy. 

I could not go out without a cardigan so i put on this warm and cozy cardigan.

I love this outfit because it is so comfyyyyy...

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